IQ Plus AHPND/EMS Plasmid Kit



AHPND/EMS is an important emerging shrimp disease. Affected shrimp would stop feeding, appear lethargic, and eventually die. Causing large-scale shrimp die-offs, AHPND/EMS has led to huge economic losses to shrimp farming industry.

Typical signs of AHPND/EMS infection, found mainly on the digestive tracts of shrimp, include empty gastrointestinal tract; abnormal shrunken whitish hepatopancreases. Damaged in the hepatopancreatic system, including sloughing of hepatopancreas tubule epithelial cells, resulting in weakness and death in shrimp.

Taking advantage of technology transferred from the University of Arizona, Prof. Donald Lightner’s group and National Cheng Kung University, Prof. Chu-Fang Lo’s group, GeneReach has successfully developed the IQ Plus™ AHPND/EMS Plasmid Kit based on iiPCR technology, which is highly sensitive and specific. IQ Plus™ AHPND/EMS Plasmid Kit is specially designed for on-site detection in the farm. The assay has been simplified for easy and fast operation with the use of compact and portable equipment at pond-side. The results produced from IQ Plus™ AHPND/EMS Plasmid Kit are very helpful for shrimp disease control program in the shrimp farming industry.

With a great deal of research ongoing on AHPND/EMS, GeneReach reserves the right to modify and update IQ Plus™ AHPND/EMS Plasmid Kit accordingly.

As mentioned previously, the presence of V. parahaemolyticus containing the AHPND/EMS plasmid with the toxin 1 sequence could damage the shrimp’s hepatopancreases. A supplemental PCR diagnostic assay targeting toxin 1 sequence of AHPND/EMS plasmid is also available from GeneReach.


  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Easy to set up and use
  • High performance and time-saving
  • Room temperature shipping


  • 48 tests/ kit (including extraction reagents)
  • Sensitivity: Up to 10 copies/reaction
  • PCR reaction time: Less than one hour
  • Built-in intenal control